First Impression: Don’t Hurt Me, My Healer! + Concluding Thoughts on Spring Anime Season Premieres

Finding himself in a losing battle against a magibeast resembling a horned bear, Alvin the warrior calls out to a passing healer for assistance. Going by the name of Carla, the dark elf is a bit put off by his failure to grovel before her, not to mention his yelling at her. In fact, the two take a sidebar to discuss their displeasure with one another, as the magibeast waits patiently by, until the creature finally decides to chime in with some words of wisdom. Though Alvin and the bear come to understand one another (albeit not before a truly unfortunate incident), the hero cannot abide the deviously cute Carla—which could be a problem, since he has no choice but to form a party with her!

Best girl of spring 2022

Don’t Hurt My, My Healer is one of those shows where you feel like you’ve been watching for about 22 minutes already and are relieved that the episode must be about to end, but then get that nagging suspicion—a horrifying one—that something isn’t quite right, which is when you pause the stream and discover, much like a would-be victim opening the wrong door in a horror movie, that indeed, only six minutes have passed. What a struggle this episode was. The jokes come hot one after another, but very few are funny (though I do admit that I laughed out loud once when Alvin is seemingly mauled to death and Carla leaps to rescue…her hat, and then complains about a numb leg). Then the slapstick slows to a halt in lieu of long-form jokes. This happens at least twice, and both are exercises in how long I could watch the screen without walking away, drifting off, or throwing my laptop across the room, since the punchlines were obvious from the start. This is a series you should absolutely skip, unless you’re dying for something in the realm of silly, inoffensive mediocrity. Gomenasorry!

Okay, I admit, I think I’ll be saying this the next time my leg falls asleep.

Don’t Hurt My, My Healer can be streamed through Crunchyroll.

Concluding Thoughts

And that’s a wrap! While we may drop another first impression or two in the coming weeks, most series have now premiered during these first dozen days of the spring 2022 anime season. And as we expected, the season is full of stars. Instead of just 2-3 highly anticipated returning series, we’ve got 5-7, while a number of promising new series are on the schedule as well, led by the likes of SPY x FAMILY, Love All Play, and Ya Boy Kongming.

I think we really needed this season. I may be overselling it, but good anime is good for the soul, and I imagine for most of us, we need something to lift our spirits.

At Beneath the Tangles, we believe that anime can convey incredible truths about relationships, humanity, and God—the important and joyful things of life. And really well-made anime—the ones that speak to our minds and hearts—can connect with us in a godly way as well. It’s only been one week, but I’ve already experienced how transformative love can be through SPY x FAMILY, the utter hilarity of life and youth through Kaguya-sama, the unexpectedness of our journeys through The Dawn of the Witch, the goodness of gracious and strong love through Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie, and so much more. And this, again, through just one or two episodes!

There’s two and a half months more of these and other series, with maybe a little surprise, too, with Black Rock Shooter and Summertime Rendering dropping right as this season ends, if Disney+ follows the typical Netflix plan, turning frustration now, into a gift later, and bookending a season that began with the final four episodes of Magia Record all dropping at once as well. So when the world looks dark and our lives seem darker, these shows will provide us with momentary relief, and if we have eyes to see, they will gift us with the image of a loving God as well, through stories of love, humor, sacrifice, and grace. Godly entertainment, indeed.

Happy viewing folks, and stick with us as we discuss these series all season long here and across our social media platforms. God bless.

6 thoughts on “First Impression: Don’t Hurt Me, My Healer! + Concluding Thoughts on Spring Anime Season Premieres

  1. Ah, that’s too bad, the title sounded promising. Thank you for reviewing this so I didn’t have to spend time on it! I appreciate you taking one for the (anime fan) team!

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a character as annoying as Carla. I decided to push through until the end of the episode and it was not worth it.

  3. “Spy X Family” is definitely the new anime off to the strongest start overall, but the one performing farthest above expectations has been “Ya Boy Kongming!” It wasn’t even on my radar until I saw the article for it here. Now I want to see Robert E. Lee manage a bluegrass singer, Charlemagne take charge of a Scandinavian Metal band, and Yi Sun-shin as the manager of a K-Pop group…

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