An Invitation This Holy Week

As we come upon the day we commemorate Jesus’ death and burial, and then celebrate his rising, I want to invite you to connect with us. We are eager to share the hope we have because of Jesus’ great love, and how he finished the work that we couldn’t, providing victory over death and eternal life that starts now.

Our mission here at Beneath the Tangles includes sharing our faith with you, not only by how we conduct ourselves, but more directly. So if you have any questions about faith, we would love to talk through them with you. Follow us on the social media platform of your choice and message us.

Better yet, I invite you to join our Discord community. On our server, we’ve develop an atmosphere through which member can share openly about faith (and anime, too, of course!). It’s led by BtT staff and moderated by trusted individuals, but also consists of members of all stages of faith and some who don’t identify as Christian or religious at all.

Our server also features a small group that meets weekly to discuss the Bible, shares insights and our lives together, and prays (and then sometimes follows up with games or anime-watching). You are welcome to participate.

Join the Beneath the Tangles Discord

Even more importantly, we hope that you’ll visit a church this Sunday. If you’re uncomfortable attending in person or can’t for health or other reasons, consider attending virtually (many churches have started offering this option since the pandemic began). We’d be happy to search out a church that could meet your needs.

Whatever it is, our hope is that if you’re disengaged from God, that you’ll take a step forward on this holiest of weeks. And we’re here to help you do that. Have a lovely Holy Week, and God bless!

Featured illustration by Nengoro (reprinted w/permission)

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