Cosplay Beats! Who Should Paris Cosplay as Next?

You’ve seen Paris cosplay all sorts of characters on this column, from C.C. (Code Geass) to Sailor Mars, and Misa (Death Note) to Tifa (FF7). Now we’re throwing it to you, dear readers, to help pick Paris’ next cosplay for our site!

Photography by Abisai Elizondo.

So let us know who you would like to see Paris cosplay! We’ll take suggestions of any characters, because even though it may sometimes be challenging to quickly find materials for some, Josh, balloon costumer maker extraordinaire, is capable to doing all sorts of character types if called upon.

So fire away! Want to see Paris play an old school character like Deedlit? Why not? Someone more current, like Marin from My Dress-up Darling? Let us know! Or even a specialized version of a character? We’ll, we’ve done that before, so we can do it again!

paris cosplays tifa
Photography by Jorge & Jordan // Cosplay borrowed from ithileryn

Drop suggestions in the comments below. We’ll put some of them up for a vote in a week or two, letting voters decide who Paris will cosplay!

Header image photography by J.A. Vilches (Sailor Mars / C.C.), Paris (Taiga), and Chris Juengel (Nico), and C.C. costume provided by nickythepixie

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