Light Novel Club #38: The Tunnel to Summer, The Exit of Goodbyes, Chapter 1 Discussion

It’s time to open up the discussion for chapter 38 of our Light Novel Club (LNC)! This time, we’re covering the supernatural romance novel, The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes. Today, we discuss chapter one.

Set during the summer in a rural part of Japan, nothing distinguishes the story at first—it features a protagonist, Kaoru, who is par for the light novel course, excelling in neither athletics nor academics, but exhibiting surprising depth, and introduces a mysterious transfer student in the beautiful Anzu, who walks her own course from the outset and refuses to engage with others. But things take a sharp turn when Kaoru sees an image of his deceased sister and his family’s painful backstory is revealed, and when he investigates a mysterious tunnel that may give him and his family a reprieve from the pain—but at a cost.

Now let’s begin! Answer any or all of the questions in the graphic below. You can also participate by going to Twitter to do the same, or through our Discord LNC channel.

Haven’t started yet? It’s not too late! The book is a quick read, and you can catch up and answer these questions and join in time for our coverage of chapters two and three on June 14th. We finish the novel on June 22nd.

Let us know your thoughts on chapter one below!


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  1. Oo, this sounds like an interesting Light Novel. I’ve been looking for a good Summer read. I’ll have to find a copy, so I can keep up with the discussion. Hopefully I can find one before the 14!

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