First Impression: Vermeil in Gold

Alto Goldfield is a brilliant student in all ways except for the one that is fundamentally important to his studies: the field of magic, and in particular his ability to summon a familiar. Down to his last opportunity, a desperate Alto happens upon a tome containing a spell that does what he requires, but the being he summons is rather… unique. First, she’s in human form, and second, she’s a demon, a powerful being who, as she explains to Alto, is only able to contract with him because he’s actually an extremely powerful magician. Oh, and there’s a third interesting trait, too: Vermeil, his new familiar, prefers to wear very little and gets her strength by draining her master’s mana. This isn’t going to go down well at all in school…

Vermeil is actually quite nice.

A new anime season hasn’t officially begun until HiDIVE releases its ecchi series of the season. But quite unexpectedly, Vermeil in Gold doesn’t feature graphic nudity or extended make-out scenes. In fact, while it is firmly set as an ecchi anime (several references to sexual acts and a few other scenes in a similar vein), the first episode surprised me by how much it doesn’t show. As mentioned above, no long, extended, messy kisses; only a reference to (not a display of) one character groping another; and lots of smoke and clothing to hide private areas. I don’t know if it helps or hurts HiDIVE to say so, but the series doesn’t earn its TV-MA rating. It’s far less graphic in its content than the recent season of Stranger Things, for instance, which somehow was only rated TV-14. And further, the opening episode was quite cute: The interactions between Alto and Vermeil are funny and awkward, and Lilia, the childhood friend of the oblivious Alto, shows her jealousy through several scenes that are quite funny, including one in which her professor directs her to leave the classroom. The animation is average but bright and sharp, and the voice acting grew on me quite a bit by the end of the episode. I don’t know if I’ll keep tuning in, but in a lesser season, when I would be looking to fill up the remainder of my slate with something familiar, warm, and fun, Vermeil in Gold might just have been a perfect fit.

Vermeil in Gold is streaming on HiDIVE.


7 thoughts on “First Impression: Vermeil in Gold

  1. I’m looking for anime series that I can binge during my free 14 day trial period of Hi Dive, and this might just be a good series for my watch list! I don’t actually have the budget to get another anime streaming service (I have too many already) so I have to cram all the anime I want to watch on Hi Dive into one whirlwind 2 week binge-a-thon. At this point in time I’m still building my watch list, so thanks for the new series to add to it!

      1. Agreed. There are some good series on HIDIVE. This one is kind of harmless fun, but there are other, better series.

        1. Yes! It was my fave this past season, and both Twwk and I wrote a bunch of posts about it too! Enjoy!!

  2. So far this season I haven’t found a series that really grabbed me, so I’ll at least check out the first episode.

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