First Impression: I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills

Al Wayne loves being a farmer. With the help of a growth-enhancing blessing, he was able to level all of his farming skills to Level 10, and with that, he gets a further enhancement that skyrockets his Attack stat to insane levels. What follows is the greatest threat to his dream farming life, as he ends up saving the princess and later the entire royal capital from an attack from some high-level demons. But he can’t lose the place to sell his precious vegetables now, can he?

Turns out, having a massive Attack stat has some disadvantages in everyday life.

All right, folks, it’s time to grow your very own generic light novel fantasy series! You already have the “overpowered main character” light and the “harem” water at the ready, right? What’s that? You’re running low on isekai fertilizer? No problem! You still have those all-important “RPG Mechanics” additives, so just add those in and we’re in good shape! Of course, it’s important for your crop to have some distinguishing feature, so here, we will use the seed of “farmer beats up stuff with farming techniques but doesn’t want greater responsibility” to try to grow something that fantasy fans with less-discerning palates will eat up. Sure, those looking for quality products will point out how the crops look visually subpar in both art and animation, or how the taste is bland, especially with the protagonist being rather dimwitted outside of farming knowledge, or how there’s a lack of any emotional juice, with no sense of connection between the protagonist and the princess. But that’s okay, because we aren’t selling to those people anyway! We’re just here to grow something for those who want a mindless fantasy comedy to chew on, and that’s not hard to do, so we should have no problems, right? …Wait, what are you doing adding in a CG dragon that looks like something from a claymation video?!

I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills is growing on HIDIVE.


2 thoughts on “First Impression: I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills

  1. Correction: it’s not an isekai.

    In my opinion, enough of the jokes stick the landing to make this fun (though tbf I’m probably the target audience). And that makes up for the claymation dragon.

    (Note: hidive released two episodes at once, so this is based on seeing those.)

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