First Impression: Love Flops

After a vision of a girl that dissolves in virtual bytes, our protagonist, the ill-fated Asahi Kashiwagi, wakes up in what looks like the near future, with Alexa-like AIs and cleaning robots. The weather forecast includes a futurology segment. Wait, was this always there? He is told that he’ll have lucky encounters associated with six keywords. I’d sue the TV channel if I were him though because shortly after he leaves the building, he gets dragged into his first panties-shot-oriented-crash, and the awful truth comes to light. I don’t know what he did in his past life, but now he’s the protagonist of an ecchi harem show, and thus he will suffer accident after accident, bumping into underwear, falling on top of or under people, and all the rest of the usual tropes. Predictably, the girls involved turn out to be his new young teacher from China, exchange students from Germany, Bulgaria (wait, he’s a boy!), and the US, and a Japanese exchange student too, just for good measure. Unjustly branded as a pervert (and thus, paying for the crimes of his scriptwriter), Asahi manages to clear up the misunderstandings with all of them. He even gets a strange love confession. But as with Sisyphus, I fear the cycle will just repeat itself in the next episode.

Well, the visuals are good. You can see a decent example above. But tellingly, this is followed by a dull fanservice scene propitiated by… the wind. The character designs are not bad at all, and the suggestions that the whole thing may not be real are intriguing. There’s the “dissolving into bytes” sequence at the beginning, our protagonist not remembering the names of people he’s supposed to know or wondering if things have always been this way. The phones, home AIs and 3D screens of this world are cool and are swiftly integrated into the world. If the plot was different and Asahi Kashiwagi had spent a normal day in St. Orifanus Academy, I might have watched this with interest. But things as they are, Love Flops is first and foremost an uncomfortable free for all of international high schoolers bumping into sexual situations, and thus, I’m throwing it out of my watchlist like a hot potato.

If you still want to watch Love Flops, well, it’s on HiDIVE.

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