Help Us Decide: Old Theme or New

UPDATE: POLL CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who voted!

I have a habit of sticking to the old, the tried and true. But doing so just because it’s comforting isn’t always a good choice. But neither is change just for the sake of change—there should a reason and a better alternative for transformation.

This website hasn’t undergone much major change in design during its 11+ years of existence. I think we’re on the third design of the site, and we’ve been sitting on this current one for 6-7 years. So is it time for a change?

We’re thinking it could be, but we need your help. Could you please vote in the poll below to help us determine which direction to go, to move toward a busier alternative, or to continue with something that’s been working for us for these past many years?

Thanks for your help!


One thought on “Help Us Decide: Old Theme or New

  1. Personally, I prefer the current design. That being said, I rarely see the front page as I get an email whenever a new post goes up and that’s how I interact with the site most of the time.

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