Help Us Build Our List of Anime Christmas Episodes!

The platter, plates, and gravy boat are scrubbed clean, the family has returned home from Grandma’s house, and the turkey is all gobbled up (well, most of it). Black Friday has also come and gone. That’s right, we’re now officially into the Christmas season!

At Beneath the Tangles, that means we’re closing in on our traditional march toward Christmas when we discuss Christmas episodes of anime! While those posts are still a few weeks out, our staff is hard at work viewing Christmas episodes in preparation.

But how do we know what series and episodes to watch? By consulting our list of anime Christmas episodes of course!

Would you help build out our list further by telling us which Christmas anime episodes we’re missing? There are older anime with Christmas episodes we haven’t yet recorded, but likely also brand new episodes from 2022 that we haven’t added either.

This list has become a reference for many otaku as they seek to jump into holiday mode, so you’ll be doing a service to your fellow nerds this season as you can comment with the episode(s) we need to add!

Thank you in advance, and Merry Christmas, fam!

Featured illustration by n2 (reprinted w/permission)

2 thoughts on “Help Us Build Our List of Anime Christmas Episodes!

  1. Wasn’t the Jing: King of Bandits episode Little Girl from Technicolor Town a Christmas episode? It’s been a really long time since I’ve watched that anime, so I don’t completely remember it, but I think it was a holiday-ish episode. If it is, could that be an addition to your list?

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