First Impression: Farming Life in Another World

Hikaru’s life was a cruel one. Betrayed by those around him and ravaged by disease, he died never knowing peace. So when a god gives him the opportunity at a new life, Hikaru selects one that he believes will be tranquil and fulfilling. He selects a farming life. Thus begins Hikaru’s reincarnation into another world. Given the “almighty farm tool,” he quickly begins to till the ground and do all the other tasks necessary to survive. He digs a well, creates a shelter, plows the ground, protects and cultivates his plants, and even builds an outhouse. Soon, companions will come as well, beginning with a wild dog and his pregnant companion.

Hikaru ought to look to his fellow gardener, Adam, for animal-naming tips

Growing up, I was obsessed with sim games of all kinds. You could build a metropolis, create a theme park, or simply play house. Farming Life in Another World is just such a game come to life. The protagonist, Hikaru, even refers to it as a “farming sim.” But it also greatly resembles Harvest Moon, right down to cutaways to cards that show a kawaii Hikaru being prompted to do tasks. Very cute. And very peaceful—the next in a run of anime that intends to set a restful tone for viewers as they watch the characters lead serene lives. That doesn’t mean there isn’t conflict, but the initial episode sets it up more along the lines of achieving challenging goals or tending to everyday scenarios, like the dog giving birth, rather than the more epic ones typical of isekai. Even the voice acting is soothing, with Atsushi Abe capturing the protagonist’s calm demeanor perfectly. What’s also nice is that the opening episode wasn’t soporific—I was pretty rapt in my attention throughout, even though most of the episode consisted of Hikaru just figuring out the rules of the world and which tool to use for which task. I was invested as if I was the one “playing” this “sim game.” You’ll know within the first few minutes if this is also an engaging series for you. And while the first episode was for me, I’m not sure I’ll care for the relationship-building that is to come, which centers on having many women gather around Hikaru. Maybe I’ll polish off an old farming sim game instead.

Farming Life in Another World is streaming on HiDIVE.


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