First Impression: Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro S2

Different couples express their love in different ways. Some give gifts and leave little love notes for each other. Some find fun activities to do together. And some bully each other relentlessly. Such is the relationship between Nagatoro and her senpai, Hachiouji. And they’re back for more. One day after school, Nagatoro finds her senpai reading a manga called “Slaves of Love”; he finds himself relating to the heavily bullied protagonist. However, when Nagatoro attempts to mess with him by suggesting they reenact a shoe licking scene from the manga, he manages to get a rare win, making her blush when she thinks he’s actually going to do it. He actually just wipes her shoe off with a towel. But she evens things up with a lesson on greeting friends in the street, most of which involve smacking him around. A bit later, the two of them, along with Nagatoro’s friends, get together for a little post-culture festival sushi party. At first it seems like they’re going to treat him with respect for once, since he worked so hard at the festival; but it turns into a “test different types of sushi on senpai” game. Surprisingly, this doesn’t lead to them giving him disgusting sushi to try, and things actually end pretty happily.

How many fingers am I holding up, senpai?

When the series first started, Nagatoro’s bullying was pretty cruel and something of a turnoff. However, by this time she’s lightened up, and it’s more light-hearted teasing; she even defends him against others. Both the opening and closing songs are really good this season, and the visuals in the opening are very nice. I like how we are seeing some growth with Hachiouji, as he seems to have gotten used to Nagatoro’s teasing and thus handles it…slightly better. The episodic nature of the series makes it a very easy watch and quite relaxing and fun, in contrast to some of the more heavy and action-oriented shows this season. Really looking forward to seeing what happens this season between Nagatoro and her senpai!

Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro S2 can be streamed on Crunchyroll.

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