Tangle x Cast 7: Fresh Starts

For so many of us, the new year is a time to put away the old, start anew, and lead into resolutions with vigor. With 2023 only a couple of weeks old and lunar new year just a few days away, our team is taking the opportunity this week to look at the topic of “fresh starts.” Anime is full of these new beginnings. Mike, Tyler, and Paris dive into three series this week—Yu Yu Hakusho, Re:Zero, and ReLife—as they look at how those anime demonstrate the idea “fresh stars” from a God-centered perspective.

0:00 Introduction and New Year’s
4:00 Winter 2023 Anime Series
8:46 Fresh Starts
8:57 Discussion—Yu Yu Hakusho
16:25 Discussion—ReLife
22:18 Discussion—Re:ZERO
36:13 Tell us about your fresh start!
36:42 Closing

We’d love to hear your feedback! Here’s our Cast Question for this podcast:

Was there a time the Lord gave you a fresh start you thought you didn’t deserve and what came out of it?

Let us know in the comments below!

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