First Impression: Ayakashi Triangle

Ayakashi, apparitions that often resemble cute but unusually-mutated animals, are all around us. However, they’re visible to very few. Suzu is an exception, seeing, touching, and joyfully communicating with the spirits since she was a child. Rejected by classmates who claim she’s lying about her supernatural vision, she bonds with Matsuri, a boy who can also see the yokai. But his attitude toward them changes. As the two grow up, Matsuri becomes antagonistic toward ayakashi, particularly after training to replace his grandfather as an exorcist ninja. Suzu is frustrated by his change of heart. She understands that some ayakashi are evil, but most are cute and harmless. Why is he taking this all so seriously? She’s about to discover that Matsuri is right to be so cautious around the ayakashi, and that his worry has everything to do with her.

How about, “Better be careful, Suzu. You’re prime sacrifice material.

What an oddly-toned anime. With its bubbly characters, cute designs, and bouncy music, Ayakashi Triangle brings to mind other series meant for younger audiences, like Cardcaptor Sakura or D.N.Angel. And if that was what this series simply was, I’d forgive (or at least be more lenient regarding) the uninspired fight scenes, insipid moves that Matsuri employs, and lame jokes. But Ayakashi Triangle has the audacity to walk two worlds—childish and adult—evoking an innocence while featuring ecchi scenes galore. Yes, this is one of those series that has random panty shots and lots of chest fondling cause that’s what cute 10th-graders who look like 6th-graders do. Shirogane, the cat antagonist in episode one, even gets in on the action by commenting on Suzu’s desire for romance and sexual intimacy over and over (and over) again. Because this is ultimately just an ecchi series dressed up as a more conventional kids show, it’s ultimately all a big yuck. Almost as awful is that I didn’t laugh once, feel any adrenaline during the action scenes, and didn’t care at all about the main couple. Even the surprising finale, while unexpected for those who haven’t read the series summary, was wasted since it became just another excuse for more ecchi scenes and sex-related gags. Albeit to say, I will not be watching another episode. Do yourself a favor and skip this initial one, too.

Ayakashi Triangle is streaming on Crunchyroll.


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