First Impression: BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out My Defense. S2

Maple and her friends are back in New World Online, ready to make mincemeat of the game with their hyper-specific builds! Their first order of business is defeating the Level 3 boss, which Maple defeats single-handedly with her impenetrable defenses and special skills. Afterwards, they access Level 4, an area full of traditional Japanese aesthetics, where the guild finds chance encounters with members of other guilds and more classical Japanese items than katana fanatic Kasumi has the budget for. And as Christmas approaches, so does one more event where Maple might find herself teaming up with a surprising ally…

The most modest xenomorph ever.

Bofuri is back for another season, and it’s like it never left! (Literally, as the opening is the same as Season 1’s opening, although the new opening is played as the ending.) This show has always been about simply having fun in an MMORPG, with low stakes and a whole lot of hilarity as Maple unintentionally finds new ways to break the game apart. This episode is notable in that there’s more focus on the interactions Maple and her guild have with members from the guilds they fought at the end of the last season. This is nice in how it shows that these players are friends as well as rivals, willing to team up and hang out with each other when they aren’t put in direct opposition with each other. The scene where Maple discovers Mii’s secret is particularly nice in this regard. However, like with the first season, this episode skips or glosses over a lot of stuff from the light novels, and even shuffles around chapters a bit, so I definitely still recommend reading the original light novels for the full Bofuri experience. That said, they did change up the Christmas party at the end in a cute way, and the anime still remains a nice visual treat with Silver Link’s solid animation work. Overall, this is another nice and fun episode that fans of the first season will likely enjoy, making for a good introduction to the new season.

Both seasons of BOFURI are streaming on Crunchyroll.

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