Fanart Friday, Too: My Soul, Your Beats

Before I knew it I was running
You were pulling my hand
Yesterday is long past; Tomorrow is just ahead

It’s been 12 years since Angel Beats premiered and my heart still hasn’t recovered…

Matcha_ 立華奏 」 ☆

reprinted w/permission


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7 thoughts on “Fanart Friday, Too: My Soul, Your Beats

  1. Ooo, so dreamy and beautiful! Honestly I haven’t watched Angel Beats yet. I heard that it was super sad, and I tend to be a cry baby when I watch anime, so it’s one of the many anime I’ve been avoiding even though I’ve heard so many good things about it.

      1. Absolutely. Journeying through suffering, penance, praying for the faithful departed and doing good works for them, forgiveness/redemption… I never would have thought a series like this would be so Scriptural (let alone Catholic)!

        Have you guys written a post on this series before? Would love to see it! 🙂

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