Come Join Our New Small Group for Anime Fans

Two years ago, we launched a small group through our Discord community. Since that time, that group of believers has bonded by sharing about their lives and discussing scripture. Much like the “something genuine” that Hachiman searched for, our own “service club” has reached deeper into faith and life by being open with one another.

Following up on the success of the first small group, we’re now ready to launch a second one! This might just be the opportunity you need to find a community where you can grow in faith.

We believe that we’re made to grow through community. Small groups are an opportunity to really deepen our bonds with each other and to develop our relationships with God as we share, discuss the Bible, and pray with one another. Small group is one of the best ways of growing spiritually and perhaps the best way that Beneath the Tangles can offer.

We intend to kick off over the next couple of weeks. Our first small group already meets every week, on Sunday nights, and that could alternately be a fit for you, too. If you have an interest, I encourage you to submit the form below and we’ll get you the details!


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