Fanart Friday: Sakura Miku for Miku Day

Did you notice the explosion of Hatsune Miku fanart yesterday? That’s because March 9th is Miku Day! Since 3-9 can be pronounced “mi-ku” in Japanese, it’s a natural fit to celebrate the Vocaloid!

It’s also the time of cherry blossoms, leading to lovely Sakura Miku pieces like this one below by one of my favorite Chinese artists.

Happy belated Miku Day!

Matcha_❀❀❀ 」 ☆

reprinted w/permission

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3 thoughts on “Fanart Friday: Sakura Miku for Miku Day

  1. Oh Wwwoooooowww! So pretty! I didn’t know Miku had her own day, I was so busy with work I totally missed it. I will definitely celebrate next year!

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