First Impression: Too Cute Crisis

The spacefaring Azatoth Empire has come to Earth and is about to destroy us. But then researcher Liza Luna reluctantly agrees not to judge too hastily and instead to do some more reconnaissance. Which leads to Liza visiting a cat café. Which leads to a comedic meltdown as Liza is overwhelmed by the cuteness of the kitties. The next day, she meets a dog. Same reaction. An employee of the cat café, Kasumi, invites Liza over to meet her dog. Before you know it, they’re planning to visit the zoo, Liza’s adopting an abandoned cat, and the alien invasion has been totally sidetracked.

So yeah, that’s about it: alien invader meets cats and dogs and just can’t even due to the cuteness. I feel like I have to commend the show’s creators for doing something so…out there. Where is the story supposed to go from here? Beats me. If the OP is any indication, Liza is due to meet even more cute critters. And I’ll be there to watch it because you better believe this episode entertained me. And you will be entertained, too, if the cute animals + comedy combo has any appeal at all for you! This one is definitely worth checking out, unless you’re a horrible human and/or extraterrestrial who doesn’t appreciate kitties and doggos. 😛

Too Cute Crisis is streaming on HIDIVE.

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