First Impression: My One-Hit Kill Sister

After using his body to shield a young girl from an out-of-control car, Ikuba Asahi’s consciousness rises above the carnage, viewing the scene before being pulled in by a light. Ikuba reawakens in another world where he begins to learn about the currency, applies to become an adventurer, and, well, does all the other stuff you’d do in a fantasy world you’ve been isekai’d to. And Ikuba knows exactly what he needs to accomplish because he’s an otaku and gamer. This is what all those years of gaming training have prepared him for, and he’s going to use his expertise to become someone great in this world. Except that his powers are practically nil, which he discovers just as he’s on the verge of being killed by the first wyvern he comes across. On the brink of a second (?) death, Asahi calls the name of his beloved Maya-nee…and who should appear but his older sister, who is now equipped with OP skills! And as the wyvern soon discovers—as well as goblins, ogres, and anything else that gets in the way—nothing and no one hurts her little brother!

Isekai incest. Woo hoo. Look, to be fair, you can’t have a new anime season without at least one incest-themed show, and I got the short end of the straw in picking this one. But the episode actually gets off to a good start. By diving headlong into Ikuba’s perspective as someone who is actually excited to be in another world—complete with silly tongue-in-cheek asides—My One-Hit Sister starts off with a tone that is cute and enjoyable. In fact, it’s all going pretty well until the one-hit kill sister appears. And even after she does, the episode remains funny and appealing. The problem is that within these 23 minutes, there are about 10 seconds that ruin it. Maya is obsessed with her brother, but that’s a character type that isn’t rare in anime. I can stand that within a series, especially comedy. But this brocon doesn’t walk the line between affection and desire, she leaps right over it. Short scenes of her licking her lips, explaining the sexual activity she wants to do with Ikuba, and physically handling him in a sexual way—along with blushing cheeks suggesting that he enjoys this intimacy, too—are inappropriate and jarring. There are 9 minutes of cuteness and then 4 seconds of crossing the line. Then another four minutes of humor and 3 more seconds of sexuality. And so on and so forth. This serious sexual content doesn’t work within the world that’s created here. And it’s gross. Too bad, since the humor in the episode hits and there are hints of character growth to come for Ikuba, as well as interesting, big battles ahead. Sigh. What a waste of an otherwise promising series.

My One-Hit Kill Sister is available to stream on Crunchyroll.


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