First Impression: EDENS ZERO S2

As we come back to the adventures of the Edens Zero ship, we are first reacquainted with Xiaomei, the story’s Time Oracle and narrator. She recounts all the events that happened to Shiki and his crew from back in Season 1, before leading the viewers back into the present time. While Rebecca talks about her newly-discovered Ether Gear to the others, Witch guides Homura through her new role and responsibilities as the Sword of Edens. Later on, while Rebecca has an ominous dream that causes her to pass out while in the bath, Shiki and the others decide to infiltrate the town-ship that had been tailing behind them suspiciously, Belial Gore, and even encounter another version of an old enemy of Weisz’s on the way. However, the owner of the ship, Drakken Joe, has already caught on to their reconnaissance mission and publicly taken the Edens Zero hostage with his own infiltrators in tow…

You’ll figure it out in due time, Rebecca

First off, as there wasn’t any First Impressions post given to the first season of EDENS ZERO due to it being in “Netflix Jail” internationally on its initial run, I’ll follow Xiaomei’s lead and give my own brief thoughts on it: the anime has so far been both fun and faithful to the manga, and I’m glad that Season 2 is now on a more accessible site so that other viewers will have the opportunity to give it a chance to watch it and not just have to deduce it, as with Fairy Tail 2.0. Now, as for Season 2, admittedly I thought it was going a bit slow, but knowing where this current arc leads up, the anime will pick up the pace soon enough. Finally, I’ll say this as someone who’s up-to-date on the manga, I’m genuinely excited for the animating of what happens next, if only to see the reactions of everyone else watching it. Not only do we get to see how Hiro Mashima’s writing can go when it comes to darker tones of storytelling, but we also start to see the bigger picture of where the plot for EZ is heading.

EDENS ZERO Season 2 is currently airing on Crunchyroll. Meanwhile, the first season, as of this writing, is still on Netflix.

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