First Impressions: Pop Team Epic

Welcome to Pop Team Epic, the show where the skits are all absurd and the plot doesn’t matter! That’s right, the plot doesn’t matter at all, just like that fake-out opening we got for Hoshiiro Girldrop. Here are the main characters, Popuko and Pipimi, now let’s see them wreck absolute chaos! It was hard trying… Continue reading First Impressions: Pop Team Epic

First Impressions: Land of the Lustrous

In the far-off future, humanity as we know it has ceased to exist, and in their stead, 28 crystalline lifeforms known as the Lustrous have now inhabited the earth. The Lustrous frequently face the threat of the Lunarians, and must fight against them to prevent themselves from being kidnapped to the moon to be used… Continue reading First Impressions: Land of the Lustrous