Tangle x Cast 13: Dealing with Disappointment

Disappointment is a part of everyday life. We know this, but that doesn’t make it any easier when a person we trust lets us down, the job we were counting on falls through, or the movie we’ve been looking forward to all year stinks. Still, can we do better than just sulk or rage when things don’t go our way? Scripture has a lot to say on this topic—and so, too, do anime and video games. This week, Paris, Tyler, and Mike discuss positive and negative ways to react to disappointment. And they’re joined in the discussion this time by cosplayer Ithileryn, who was a guest a few episodes back!

0:00 Introduction and catching up
5:31 Dealing with disappointment through anime and scripture
8:10 Discussion—Comic Party (-) and Best Tamer (+)
15:03 Discussion—Naruto (+) and Akame Ga Kill (-)
19:57 Discussion—Fruits Basket: Tohru (+) and the Sohmas (-)
29:17 Discussion—Fullmetal Alchemist, Nier: Automata (spoilers), and The Two Towers
41:33 Cast Question
47:48 Closing

Cast Question

Which type of dere are you when dealing with disappointment? (Here’s a dere page you can consult)

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