Anime March Madness 2018

Welcome one and all to Beneath the Tangles' Third Annual Anime March Madness. How this works is that you, the readers of this fair website, get to choose which anime you feel is your favorite in successive one-on-one matches. Last year's Sweet Sixteen will be facing off against 16 new challengers decided by our staff.… Continue reading Anime March Madness 2018

Anime’s Fierce Femininity

bishamon and kuraha

I feel that all too often the media portrays femininity in a bad light. Either a woman is written as weak and pathetic, or she is a ridiculous OP for the sake of fan service. Where is the balance of being a fierce woman who retains her feminine identity without being an object of lust?… Continue reading Anime’s Fierce Femininity

Annalyn’s Corner: Redemption Stories in Naruto

If I want examples of condemnation and judgment, I only have to log into social media. But, frankly, I've had more than enough of these examples lately. I'm tired of reading Tweets and Facebook statuses that declare wicked and/or foolish people subhuman. Because, yes, condemnation has its place—but it's not the whole story. So today,… Continue reading Annalyn’s Corner: Redemption Stories in Naruto

Something More: Centaurs, Battle Angels, and Titans

Casey Covel, our former columnist and a staffer at Geekdom House, recently wrote an article about how Attack on Titan dives into different kinds of strength. The titans seem invincible with their size and power, and the humans helpless in their frailty, but time and time again the second season of the series demonstrates that… Continue reading Something More: Centaurs, Battle Angels, and Titans

Christian Panels, Hentai, and a Deeper Love at Aki Con

In times past, anime conventions have always been a high of excitement and pure joy. However, with Aki Con, I was quite the ball of nerves and fear. For an otaku, an anime convention is like the equivalent of Disneyland for the preschoolers I teach gymnastics to. It’s a place where one can find acceptance… Continue reading Christian Panels, Hentai, and a Deeper Love at Aki Con

Itachi’s Legacy is Sarada Uchiha

Back in the old days, when we all used to watch that one anime about Boruto’s dad, we met a character named Itachi Uchiha. He is one who gave the audience quite the set of mixed emotions. Itachi was introduced as a villain. A black coat, malicious eyes, and purple nail polish completed the “bad… Continue reading Itachi’s Legacy is Sarada Uchiha

Naruto and Kingdom Growth

Today's guest post was submitted by Thani of The Closest Friend I've Ever Had and Mustard magazine, where among others he recently contributed a piece about Christian art. I hope you'll enjoy this piece as much as I did! WARNING: SPOILERS for Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden ahead. Naruto models much of how growth within the… Continue reading Naruto and Kingdom Growth

Take an Anime Survey and Enter to Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card

Anime and manga are increasingly being studied at an academic level. Although I've never entered the world of academia myself, much less studied anime at that level, I've had the good fortune of meeting folks who have, taking a class long ago with Dr. Susan J. Napier and grabbing coffee with Brian Ruh, who once… Continue reading Take an Anime Survey and Enter to Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card

Call for New Staff: Artists, Designers, and Bloggers

Beneath the Tangles has undergone many changes since it first began in 2010, not least of which is in what media we explore with our site. While this blog will always center on writing, media has become more and more a part of what we also develop and post. To meet these needs, I'm putting… Continue reading Call for New Staff: Artists, Designers, and Bloggers

Pixiv Round-up: June 2017

Here's this month's look at fan art from, Pixiv, the Japanese artist site! If you'd like to see a plethora more illustrations, follow our Tumblr account, which focuses primary on fan art. Enjoy! --- All illustrations posted with permission or posted from artists who allow reprints. Links given below: Uchiha family (art by 一锅玄哥) Draco… Continue reading Pixiv Round-up: June 2017