Fanart Friday: Oshi no Kollection

Paris and I spoke this week about a little problem we’re both having: Oshi no Ko withdrawal! Are you feeling it, too, with this week off between episodes? Not to fear! We’ll help you cope by posting this incredible fanart collection by 4B鉛筆 of Oshi no Ko characters! I encourage you to follow the artists if you’re on Pixiv—there’s a new Oshi no Ko piece practically every day.

Let’s start with Ai, because, of course!

Links: 1 // 2 // 3

Here are some of the most gorgeous illustrations in this series, featuring the characters that have taken center stage since the time skip:

Links: aqua and ruby // akane // kana

And now profile-style drawings of the cast!

Links: Ai // Aqua // Ruby // Kana // Akane // Mem-cho

And finally, a Mem-cho to send you on your way!

*all illustrations reprinted w/permission

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