First Impression: Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence

Cecilia is a saint, and Lawrence is a pastor. I mean, what else were you expecting? It’s right there in the title. They work together at a small country church. She has a big crush on him, though he’s oblivious to it. While she can act very saintly around others, when it’s just her and “Lawren,” she behaves in a silly/lazy fashion (though it doesn’t help that Lawrence is a bit overprotective toward her). They interact with folks at the church and walk around town together, getting into the occasional romcom situation like needing to share an umbrella.

Well, that was super cute, and the lovely backgrounds out of a storybook nicely complement the episode’s cuteness. Besides the comical, adorable romcom aspects, this episode also raised a couple of interesting questions. First, is the church Christian? The prominent crosses Lawrence and Cecilia display suggest it might be, which would be quite interesting. Second, there’s the question of what it means for Cecilia to be a saint. She can see otherwise invisible angels; as one who speaks for God, she never tells lies; and she mentions protecting the village…but how and from what? Definitely piqued my curiosity. If this opening episode is anything to go by, this looks to be a very enjoyable romcom that might also interact with the topic of religion in interesting ways. Recommended.

Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence is streaming on Crunchyroll.


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