Tangle x Cast 18: Hana Kimura, Akane Kurokawa, and Responding to Social Media Criticism

One of this year’s most stunning anime episodes featured Akane Kurokawa, a young actress character in Oshi no Ko, being torn to shreds on social media for slapping a castmate on a reality show and mirroring a real-life situation involving wrestler Hana Kimura. It brought up so many questions and thoughts for our team that Paris, Tyler, Mike, and our newest Tangle x Cast member (listen in to discover who it is!), wanted to dive in and explore the arc. Warning: very sensitive content about bullying and suicide ahead.

0:00 Episode warning and introduction
2:52 Catching up and a welcome to our newest member
3:30 Oshi no Ko and Responding to Social Media Criticism
4:00 Discussion—Hana Kimura and online bullying
8:59 Discussion—A hiding place and kindness for influencers
13:08 Discussion—Revealing yourself and facing cancel culture
32:38 Discussion—Individual response to criticism
36:36 Cast Question
48:12 Closing

Cast Question

How often do you “egosurf”?

A. Frequently
B. Occasionally
C. Almost never
D. Not even once

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Podcast Links

  • This isn’t our first dive into this topic. Twwk wrote about someone who did see Akane for who who she is, and One who sees all of us for who we are.
  • A reminder from Tyler: Let’s pray for those in the entertainment sphere!
  • Tyler references this song, “Communion,” featuring Steffany Gretzinger and Brandon Lake of Bethel Music, in the episode.
  • Bible verses we mentioned or that inspired discussion in this episode include Jeremiah 15, Luke 5:16, Luke 8:43-48, John 8:11, Proverbs 10:18, and Matthew 10:29-31.
  • Check out all the other things that Mike, Paris, Tyler, Eryn, and Dennis (our editor and the fourth member of the Tangle x Cast team) are doing.

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  1. That was a really good episode. To anybody struggling with issues like this, and if you need support, definitely reach out to anyone you trust and be open with them about it. Our own discord channel is always open as well. We have a really strong community who is willing to listen regarding troubles you might have, and we’ll be more than glad to pray for you. https://discord.gg/AHe55hU

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