First Impression: OVERTAKE

Kouya Madoka is a photographer who is having trouble with his work. He gets tense and anxious before a photo shoot, and this is causing him to be behind in his projects. His boss gives him a job to photograph a race called F4, which is the bottom rung of Formula 1 (which would be the top level). So many racers are trying to prove they have what it takes to move up the ladder and win. Kouya is given a tour of the cars called Super GTs, their equipment, and the tents with all the participants getting ready to drive. Komaki Motors is one of many companies that are competing—Asahina Haruka is driving and his father owns the company. Kouya stops a fight from happening between Asahina and another driver, so his father shows him around and they watch the race together. He’s so inspired by the race and Asahina’s confidence in winning that he finally takes a photo.

I’ve never been to a race before, so I felt like Kouya, who had no clue of the details that go into putting the F4 race together. Several details were pointed out, like how tires are dried in the sun to improve their grip, or the kinds of licenses you need to acquire in Japan to enter. I like it when anime explains these facts as I get to learn the background of what I’m watching and it makes it more realistic. The animation of episode one was not bad, but not enough time was spent on the race itself. They gave lots of time to getting to know Kouya, the main character, and how even though he started out not really caring about the job, he enjoyed it in the end. I may watch a few more episodes, but considering how many other great series are coming out this season, I hope this one has a little more fuel in its tank for viewers to enjoy!

You can stream OVERTAKE! on Crunchyroll.


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  1. Oh, isn’t there another car racing anime that’s coming out this season also? It’s MF Ghost, right? I wonder if this is a new trend in anime?

      1. Oh! Thanks for the heads up! I tend to like reading reviews before I watch new series and I honestly enjoy spoilers, so I’ll have to read your post before I try watching MF Ghost.

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