First Impression: Shangri-La Frontier

An…oddly…dressed figure (a face mask and underwear) defeats the dark lord, then attacks the NPC who was cheering him on. It’s Faeria Chronicle Online, also nicknamed Failia for how bad it is. High schooler Rakuro’s hobby is beating bad VR games—”trash games.” Assorted other things happen. His mom collects butterflies and beetles. At school, a girl named Rei tries to talk to him but gets cut off. Shop owner Mana suggests Rakuro try playing an actually good game for once. He launches Shangri-La Frontier and designs a new character: a man with a bird head mask, short shorts, and no other clothes; apparently, he sells all his clothes to buy the best weapons he can, and wears a mask because it would be embarrassing for people to see his face while he goes around mostly naked? #logic He fights some monsters and levels up.

Of all the anime episodes I’ve seen, that was certainly one of them. I’m not really sure what the point was. I kind of got the feeling that it was supposed to be funny, maybe, but instead, it just made me roll my eyes occasionally and wish I could stop watching. Also, I want to complain about the faces. I’m not sure what exactly was wrong, but something felt decidedly off about the characters’ faces that made them unpleasant to look at (hey, maybe that’s the real reason Rakuro wears a mask!). If you want to watch a comedic show about playing a VR game, go watch BOFURI. It’s, you know, actually funny. I do not advise wasting your leisure time on this episode.

Shangri-La Frontier is streaming on Crunchyroll.


3 thoughts on “First Impression: Shangri-La Frontier

  1. I got so pumped when I first read this. I thought my favorite anime of all time – Shangri-La – was getting a sequel. Yes, it’s my all-time favorite. Maybe I’ll check this out anyway.

  2. The opening episode was more entertaining than I was expecting, and I have to say I kind of want to see how he breaks/enjoys a well made game after his adventures in the trash heap. Also I totally relate with how he wanted to beat the crap out of the NPC in that first game he played, hate those kinds of characters in games.

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