First Impression: The Family Circumstances of the Irregular Witch

When the cute witch Alyssa stumbles upon an abandoned human baby in the middle of a forest, she immediately falls in love and decides to raise the girl. Sixteen years later, Viola has grown up, way up, to the point that other villagers believe that she’s the witch and Alyssa is her apprentice. But make no bones about it, Alyssa is the more mature of the two. Viola spends most of her time accompanying her mother on trips, pleading for gifts—including a creature that she’ll be able to magically summon—and acting very much like a child, even throwing tantrums in the streets. Thankfully, Alyssa is full of patience, kindness, and love for her daughter, who in turn is viciously possessive of her mom. These two make for quite a tandem!

Indeed, Alyssa and Viola are a unique mother-and-daughter team, with the former constantly spoiling the latter. Alyssa still considers her much taller and older-looking daughter to be a baby, and why shouldn’t she? Viola acts more like she’s a toddler than a teen. If that sounds obnoxious, it is. Viola is just the worst. If only Alyssa had just decided to leave her be in that forest, then none of us would have to sit through this terrible series. It’s not just Viola, either. The animation is poor and the script depends heavily on low-hanging fruit for laughs, with most jokes comparing the mom (and her friends) and daughter, and often centering on age (Alyssa is roughly 200 years old but looks like she’s 12) or anatomy (there is much jiggling in this show). Fortunately, there are a few funny bits in the episode, pretty much all of which involve the best and most unusual representation of a phoenix I’ve ever seen. It might be worth watching the first episode just for him. But a second episode? Crunchyroll dropped the first two episodes of The Family Circumstances of the Irregular Witch in its premiere, and I’ll be honest, I tried about six minutes of episode two and it was more the same, so I stopped. The show isn’t funny or creative enough to continue; neither is it moving, though it tries to generate heartwarming mother-daughter moments. If I want a show about a daughter who has a warm relationship with the adoptive parent who rescued her from abandonment in the middle of the woods, there’s a much better one out this season. I’d say if you want a story with a similar adoption storyline, watch My Daughter Left the Nest and Returned an S-Rank Adventurer instead. As for this one? After getting a glimpse of the phoenix, abandon this waste of time.

The Family Circumstances of the Irregular Witch can be streamed on Crunchyroll.


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