First Impression: The Saint’s Magic Power Is Omnipotent S2

Season two of The Saint’s Magic Power Is Omnipotent starts off with the saint looking, well, anything but omnipotent. Episode one opens with some nature cinematography that is stunning, as if the animators decided season one somehow hadn’t been up to snuff and it was time to pull out all the stops. But with this beauty come reminders that not all is well in this world: the miasma is still creating monsters, and Sei and her companions are about to encounter one of the worst at a subterranean lake. As the monster approaches the hidden heroes, we only see snatches of it at first, building the tension, and the choral music kicks in. (You know things are serious when the chorus gets going.) But someone makes a noise, and the monster rears up in attack mode—it’s a dragon, and an undead one going off the exposed ribs and rotting appearance. It clashes with our heroes and knocks Sei to the ground. She looks helpless and frail. The dragon goes after her… And we’re back in the present; apparently the dragon scene is a look forward. The rest of the episode is a relaxed reintroduction to our old friends and Sei’s new business venture: she’s opening her own product line to market the cosmetics she’s introduced into this world. She and Albert also go on a date at a teahouse, where Sei discovers the hottest new drink is…coffee! There’s a sweet moment where she reminisces about her old world to Albert, which leads to speculation about whether other food items from Earth might also be here, such as rice. By the end of the episode, the direction of the new story arc is clear: Sei and company are going to travel to see if they can find rice in this world! Doubtless they’ll have a fun trip and nothing will go wrong…

Don’t get me wrong: I love a good romance fantasy just as much as the next man. And if that was all the season offered, I’d be here for it. But the first few minutes wholly overshadow the rest of the episode—artistically, musically, and narratively—so much so that I want to watch them again just to enjoy the audiovisual treat. (Not all the animation is quite on par, to be honest; the dragon in particular looks off sometimes. But overall the episode is a step up from last season.) And this first scene is a promise that the story will offer far more than doki doki shenanigans. Season one was a slow burn that built up to some satisfying climactic moments, and season two seems destined for the same, but even moreso. The series has set a higher bar than it ever has before, and I for one am eager to see that bar cleared.

The Saint’s Magic Power Is Omnipotent can be enjoyed on Crunchyroll.


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