First Impression: Goblin Slayer II

Let me just say up front that, if you’re interested in season two of Goblin Slayer, you’ve probably already seen season one. You know what you’re getting into. Season two’s first episode opens with a flashback to that scene in season one’s first episode—if you’ve seen it, you know; if you don’t know, just be aware you’ll have to be ok with viewing some very disturbing content to watch this series.

In the present, Goblin Slayer, Priestess, and our other friends from season one are back and enjoying themselves. The character progress from season one has been preserved: most notably, Goblin Slayer explicitly says he’s concerned for other people, even those he doesn’t know as well, and warns a young adventurer that goblins are not to be hunted alone, before offering him a place to stay for the night. GS has come a long way since the days when he worked alone and didn’t really concern himself with others apart from his “family” (the farm girl and her uncle). The other members of the main cast have all progressed in various ways too, especially in how they get along with each other (watch the elf and the dwarf flirt tease each other!). Alongside them, a new crop of fresh (and naive) adventurers are preparing to take to the field for the first time, and we get to watch the veterans make an impact on the rookies—for better in most cases, possibly for worse in a few. The seeds planted here, and their fallout down the road, seem to be the focus of the rest of the season.

We’re back, folks! If you liked GS S1 (and the Goblin’s Crown film), you’ll probably like S2. The gritty world of Goblin Slayer is engaging, both in itself and as a deconstruction of more shallow fantasy tales. The fact that none of the characters have proper names allows them to easily serve as “Everyman” figures, creating room for reflection: Am I like this character? In what ways do I share their virtues and faults? The world itself likewise prompts reflection: What room is there for providence, virtue, and grace in a universe that seems designed to promote conflict and even evil? The characters themselves seem to be trying to answer this last question in a way, and the fact that they haven’t given up even after the tragedies of the past makes this series not only enjoyable but compelling. I’ve just got one thing to say—let’s go!

Goblin Slayer (both seasons and the Goblin’s Crown film) are streaming on Crunchyroll.


5 thoughts on “First Impression: Goblin Slayer II

  1. I was so excited to watch the first episode myself! I really enjoyed Goblin Slayer so much that I watched the first season three times and the moive twice. Sadly though I felt the animation and art-style was lacking a bit. Both the impact and depth was missing and it almost felt chibi-like in a way. Nontheless! I can’t wait for the second episode!

    1. Hmm, it’s been a while since I watched season one, but I think I can see what you mean. CGI gets a bad rap, but s1 used it to good effect. This episode was missing that. Like you, though, I’m still pumped for what’s to come! Maybe the animation will improve after what was basically a setup episode.

    1. I mean, I hadn’t thought of doing so (apart from first impressions, I just blog about whatever catches my interest when I have a free moment), but now I’ll certainly consider it!

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