First Impression: My New Boss is Goofy

Momose has endured horrible treatment from his boss to the point that it mentally stressed him out and even gave him an ulcer. Due to this, he decides to get a new job, but anticipating his first day has him anxious and wondering if he will once again have an abusive boss. Much to his surprise though, his new boss is completely different! As Momose works with him side-by-side, he is surprised to find that through his boss’s goofs, the days are a lot brighter than they used to be. For instance, when his boss gets him medicine for his stomachache, he has to laugh when it turns out he actually got medicine for PMS and headaches! Ha! Despite still feeling worried at times, Momose quickly finds that his new goofy boss is unknowingly healing old wounds and bringing happiness to the workplace.

I don’t even know where to start because my heart has so many warm fuzzies! Was it when Momose’s boss, Shirosaki, thought there was a cat in the bushes and was going to “tame” him so he could bring some joy to Momose’s day, only to find it was a tree trunk instead? Or was it the time that Momose wrote a letter of apology for being late, only for Shirosaki to write a letter back like they were “pen pals” and draw him an adorable illustration saying don’t worry about it? Regardless if it was one of these situations or another one altogether, I just received a free happy therapy session! Ha! My New Boss is Goofy is such a wholesome slice-of-life anime! It is very similar to Play It Cool, Guys, but with a different feel that extends beyond simple comedy. Momose had such a horrible boss that it deeply influenced how he acted at his new job, and not in a positive way. My heart went out to him right away and I feel all the happiness along with him when it comes to his new boss because he is so friendly and goofy! His goofs are very much like those in Play It Cool, Guys where, like Shun, Shirosaki “stabs” his finger with a pen when he is trying to click it! Ha! This was my most anticipated anime of the season and it definitely did not disappoint! It is one I am very much looking forward to watching weekly as it captures what I love about Play It Cool, Guys, but takes place in an office setting where the goofs are silly, but also uplifting in light of Momose’s previous work experiences. I highly recommend it if you need some heartwarming anime that makes you smile and laugh!

My New Boss is Goofy is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

Laura A. Grace

2 thoughts on “First Impression: My New Boss is Goofy

  1. Ooo, this sounds like a really sweet anime! I’m going to have to try it out. I’ve noticed that there have be a few anime coming out recently that are just super heart warming, feel good anime that are great to relax with.

    1. Please do!! It’s so wonderful and such a fun and relaxing watch! Also, I’ve been noticing that too! I’m definitely all for more heart-warming, feel good anime!

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