First Impression: Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and The Inexperienced Me

Runa Shirakawa is the prettiest girl in the school and to Ryuto Kashima, a geek with few friends, she is completely out of reach. Even when a brief interaction makes him fall for her, he knows all he can do is admire her from afar. However, when his two friends dare him to confess his feelings to the girl he likes, he decides to go through with the confession to get her to reject him so he can move on with his life. To his surprise, though, when he confesses to her, she actually agrees to go out with him! Turns out, she’s the type of girl who is open to getting to know a guy who is interested in her and seeing if she likes him back. As if that wasn’t enough, she even brings Ryuto to her home later that day! Sure, Ryuto has heard the rumors that she goes through boyfriends every few months, but surely that doesn’t mean–wait, now she’s asking if he wants to have sex with her?!

Worth noting that there are some things Runa will not tolerate in a guy, like long fingernails…

Well, that escalated quickly, but as Ryuto asks her for reasons, we learn a much sadder truth about her actions. Up until this point, Runa has always had sex with her past boyfriends early on in the relationship, not out of any personal interest of hers, but because she feels like it’s her duty as a girlfriend, and if she doesn’t, the boy will go to other girls instead. Unfortunately, the boys still end up dumping her after just a few months anyway, with Ryuto surmising they were only after her body and getting bored after realizing how “easy” she was. Ryuto, for his part, suppresses his own urges and tells her that he will wait, at least until she personally wants to do it. This is definitely a unique romcom for featuring a love interest who is far from being a virgin, and even going into the role that sex plays in relationships. Of course, this does mean that this show may be a bit uncomfortable to watch for some viewers, especially since even with Ryuto’s decision to wait for now, it’s pretty obvious he does not intend to wait until marriage. Still, for a show to expose the current culture around sex in relationships and the problems it can create is certainly better than the way that most shows handle the subject, and it sets the stage for a storyline with great potential: one that shows Runa developing a meaningful, loving relationship without relying on sex. If that is something you’re interested in like I am, this is definitely a show worth following.

Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and The Inexperienced Me is streaming on Crunchyroll.


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