Fanart Friday: Kagome + Panda

The sudden celebration of recent Yashahime episodes led me to dig a little into some of my favorite Inuyasha fanart, and there’s perhaps no piece I like better than this. It’s Kagome wearing a cute panda shirt. Need I say more? ★ 【もとび 】 「 犬夜叉まとめ33 」 ☆

Fanart Friday: Kiki’s Revenge and Mary (the Other Witch)

I revisited these lovely illustrations recently, which Popman3580 first posted around the time that Mary and the Witch’s Flower, now a kind of forgotten movie, came out—and it certainly makes sense with that film’s similarity to Ghibli fare and the director’s relationship with the studio. Thus, a virtually automatic comparison to Kiki should be drawn… Read More Fanart Friday: Kiki’s Revenge and Mary (the Other Witch)

Fanart Friday: Eyes of the Flame Hashira

Demon Slayer returns October 10th! And although I’d love to jump straight into the “Entertainment District” arc, getting a series retelling of Mugen Train won’t be so bad, especially since that means more of this Kyojuro. Enjoy this amazing piece focusing on the Flame Hashira’s eye! ★ 【玲汰】「 玖ノ型 」 ☆