Something More

September 2010
17:  Abel and Cain, Vampire and Priest
26:  Natsume Yuujinchou and Living with Spirits
30:  Natsume Yuujinchou and the Path of Enlightenment

October 2010
6:  Glee Finds God
9:  Shinigami Syncretism
13:  Manga Jesus is Just…Man
20:  Nerd Religions
22:  John Addresses the OreImo Leak
28:  Models and Metaphors

November 2010
5:  Evangelion’s Symbolism in 9 Minutes
12:  Man Hangs Himself at 2ch’s Behest
19:  Jesus and Buddha Are Roomies
22:  What Price Fandom?
24:  Giving Thanks

December 2010
10:  Christianity and Fullmetal Alchemist
23:  Sacrifice and Arc Rise Fantasia
28:  78%: “Christmas is an Attack on Chinese Culture”

January 2011
13:  Anime Lover Grows Up
14:  Fractale System as God
27:  Buddha and Religious Criticism

February 2011
18:  Buddhism in Anime

March 2011
9:  The Wallflower and the Prince of Peace
11:  Simple and Profound
17:  Disaster and the Human Condition

April 2011
11:  From Manga to Eastern Orthodoxy
19:  The Gospel According to Wolfwood
23:  Violence, Grace, and Redemption in Trigun
25:  Easter Sunday at Anime Boston
27:  Samson, InuYasha, and Wearin’ Hair
28:  Madoka Madness

May 2011
3:  Charles Dunbar’s Panel at Anime Boston 2011
8:  Madoka, Fashion, and Redemption
11:  All Roads Lead to Otakon
13:  The Tetragammaton and C
16:  Buddha and Madoka
17:  Serendipitous Serenity
25:  Catching Pretty Cure at the Temple

June 2011
6:  Choosing Anime Over Jesus
17:  Tales from Earthsea, Forbidden Fruit, and Redemption
27:  Spiritual Progress of Faye Valentine
29:  Animephobia

July 2011
1:  Early Buddhism in Japan
12:  Casey Anthony and Death Note
19:  Apples, Magical Girls, and Eden

August 2011
2:  Sorting it All Out
10: Diving into Japanese Ghost Stories
12:  Chiba Converts
26:  Catholic Mecha, Japan’s Yokai, and the Future of Saint Young Men

September 2011
2:  The Soul of Anime, Obon Season, and a Papal Manga
9:  Tohoku Testimony, Retreat from Anime, and Descending into Hell
16:  First Prayer, Silent Prayer, and 9/11 Prayers
22:  My Little (Christian) Pony
23:  Manga-Style Pope Shirts, Christians Who Hate Otaku, and St. Peter and the Penguins
30: Sermon of the Penguins, Why Madoka Isn’t All That, and a New Jesus Anime

October 2011
7:  In the Garden of Penguins, a “Professing” Fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, and Kamehameh-AMEN
14:  Christianity, Gnosticism, & Daoism in Penguindrum, a Chibi Crisis of Faith, and Sankaku (Christian) Complex
21:  Yuri the Princess of Lies, an Impossible Anime Dream, and the Christianizing of Princess Mononoke
28:  Momoka as Jesus, Waiting on YWAM, and Buying Religious Manga

November 2011
4:  A Serpent in the Garden of Penguins, a Buddhist Ritual in Last Exile, and Giving Thanks for Bento
11:  Loving God in Macross Frontier, a Loving God in Angel Beats!
18:  Penguins at Jesus’ Arrest, Tabuki as Judas, and a Proliferation of Christian OEL Manga
25:  Himari’s Will, Passion of the Anime, and Guadalupe of Narutaru

December 2011
2:  Adam, Eve, an Apple, and a Spinning Penguindrum
9:  Duel of the Fates (and Penguins), Jesus Anime = Bad, and Anime and Religion for Buckeyes
17:  Christmas in Tokyo, Catholic Schools = I’m Just Being Rebellion, and Christian Filmmakers Decipher This Thing Called Anime
28:  Fate/Zero‘s Blasphemy as Praise, Gnosticism Among Penguins, and Snowy-Weather Yokai

January 2012
6:  Lucky Star Shrine, Prayers for a VA and for New Years, and Blue Exorcist Through a Christian Lens
13:  Fansubbing Sins, Amulet Me Baby, and Buddhist Monk Freestylin’
20:  Anime in Pakistan, Called to Anime (and Missions), and Review of a Sci-Fi, Religious, Japanese Classic
27:  Gnostic Haruhism, Buddhist Church of Madoka, and an Animevangelist

February 2012
3:  Amazing Grace of Eureka 7, Anime Cons = Anti-Christian, and Homura the Evangelist
10:  Spiritual Symphogear, Quon as Christ, and a Calvinist Otaku
17:  Pokemon and Priests, Dreams of Crusading Anime, and Superflat Artist Tackles Buddha in Qatar
24:  Gundam and Questions of Life and Death

March 2012
2:  CCM Artist (and Close Anime Geek) Cait Plage, Angel Beats Heaven, and Haruhi’s Five Proofs
9:  Crown Shuu with Crowns and Song, Fan Service in Church, and Rick Santorum Talks Boku no Pico
16:  Religion in Darker Than Black and Key the Metal Idol
20:  Shinto Perspectives in Spirited Away
23:  Christian Manga for Earthquake Victims, Free Will in Mirai Nikki, and Happy Science Anime!
23:  Religion and Aniblogging
31:  Aniblogger Faith, the Number Three in Rinne no Lagrange, and Unmasking Lelouche

April 2012
7:  Fallen Angel in Berserk and the Gospel According to Toki
13:  Revisiting Madoka on Easter, a Big O Savior, and the Case of Moses and Death Flags
20:  Jazzy Christians, the Religious Context in Tsuritama, and Holy Spit!
27:  In the Garden of Yuri, the Significance of Jesus Cosplay, and Hindu Anime Cola

May 2012
4:  Spitting Image of Stigmata, Zen Samurai, and the Prophet and Leviathan of Big O
12:  Tattoos of Psalms and Spike Spiegel, Pride of Fate/zero Mages, and a Holy Light on Gon
18:  Happy Science Anime, Mission: Otaku, and What’s in a Name?
25:  Medaka Jesus Box, Liturgical IFOs, and Kami in the Legend of Zelda

June 2012
1:  Selling Animated Souls, Lupin on a Cross, and Epic Christianity
8:  Christians as Black Rock Shooters, Kiritsugu’s Wish in a Sinful World, and a Religion of No Underpants
15:  Mathematical God of GitS, Religion in Gundam, and the Good Shepherd in Fate/Zero
22:  Tsuritama’s Hindu Conch, Tokyo Cathedral Cafe, and Destined to be a Shuu

July 2012
13:  Blessed is the Gundam, Time for Tanabata, and Christian Singer’s Anime Dub
20:  Yugen Iki Uta Koi, Superbook Employment, and the Soul of Kokoro Connect
27:  iDOLM@STER Theology, Tamaki’s War Angels, and Hidamarimpermanent Sketch

August 2012
3:  Accel World Enlightenment, Revisiting Madoka, and Jesus Figures in Kokoro Connect and Other Anime
10:  Kenshin as Christ, the Theology of Kokoro Connect, and Itadakimuasu!
18:  Wisdom of Heartseed, Ghibli in Catholic Magazine, and Christianity in Evangelion, Trigun, and FMA: Brotherhood
24:  Kokoro Church, Quiet Times > Anime Time, and Rumors of a Saint Young Men Anime
31:  Kokoro Community, Fairies Invent Religion, and Exorcising Anime Demons

September 2012
7:  Fairy God Mother, Sinful Anime Characters, and Religion in Haibane Renmei and Kids on the Slope
14:  Godless Haibane, Saints for Anime, and Faith in Madoka
21:  Haibane Renmei Reviews, Aniblogging Sins, and Buddhist Bye-Bye in Natsuyuki Rendezvous


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