Fanart Friday: Genshin Four

Artist 英エイスト chose Venti, Zhongli, Raiden Shogun, and Nahida for this set of illustrations. Maybe they’re favorites of the artists? Maybe they’re all in an arc together? Perhaps they’re somehow else related? Is there someone out there who’s played more of the game than I have who can enlighten me?

英エイスト 」 ☆

*all illustrations reprinted w/permission

2 thoughts on “Fanart Friday: Genshin Four

  1. I don’t play the game and I don’t recognize the characters, but I always like the art for Genshin Impact! The character designs are so cool looking!

  2. Those are the four Archons (acting gods) for the first four nations and elements that you visit in Genshin Impact. A lot happens in the game’s story and politics, but those four are canonically implied to have met up to chill and drink tea/wine at least once, so they should be on good terms.

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