First Impressions: Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

(Note: this "first impresssions" post covers both episodes 1 and 2.) Karen is a college student who has quite the complex over her tall height. She takes an interest in VR games since they allow her to live a different life, but as she tries out various games, their randomly-generated avatars are all tall girls… Continue reading First Impressions: Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

First Impressions: Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

sousuke and kaname

After securing Kaname Chidori's safety and deciding to stay in his position as her bodyguard, Sousuke Sagara continues to try to live out a normal high school existence. However, off another defeat at the hands of Sousuke and Mithril, Amalgam has decided to become more aggressive in both its fight against the anti-terrorist organization and… Continue reading First Impressions: Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

First Impressions: Steins;gate 0

What if Okabe abandoned his mad scientist alter-ego and became a normie? What if he ditched the lab coat for stylish black clothing, joined his university's tennis club, and went out on group dates, leaving the Future Gadgets Lab behind? What if Okabe remained on the Beta world line and never saved Kurisu after all?… Continue reading First Impressions: Steins;gate 0

First Impressions: Golden Kamuy

Following service during the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), Saichi Sugimoto, known far and wide as "Immortal Sugimoto" for his ability to survive despite a tenacious fighting style and injuries suffered during battle, is seeking gold in Hokkaido to fulfill a promise to care for his best friend's widow and son. In the midst of doing so,… Continue reading First Impressions: Golden Kamuy

Second Impression: Caligula

Second Impression: Caligula | Beneath the Tangles

On Saturday, I wrote about my experience at the CALIGULA premiere at Sakura-Con. Now that I've had a chance to rewatch it on Crunchyroll, I'd like to expand on my thoughts, "First Impression" style. As per the descriptions floating around, Caligula (aka The Caligula Effect) involves a virtual idol named μ, or "Myu," who is trapping people in a city… Continue reading Second Impression: Caligula

First Impressions: PERSONA5 the Animation

PERSONA5 the Animation is based on the recent and popular game of the same name. The first episode introduces us to the Phantom Thieves, a mysterious group led by Ren Amamiya, who is captured during a heist they tried to pull. He is beaten and interrogated by the police, who seem to have been after him… Continue reading First Impressions: PERSONA5 the Animation

First Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul:re

Picking up 2 years after the conclusion of Root A, in the continued fight between ghouls and the CCG (Commission of Counter Ghoul), a new unit, has been started. This unit, however, is unique in that it is not a normal unit. It is composed of Quinx, humans who have been modified to use Ghoul… Continue reading First Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul:re

First Impressions: Hinamatsuri

Yoshifumi Nitta is a young man who is part of a yakuza gang, and is living the good life with the acquisition of some valuable vases, when a strange thing materializes out of nowhere and drops onto his head and into his life. Inside is a girl who calls herself Hina and has telekinetic powers,… Continue reading First Impressions: Hinamatsuri

Caligula World Premiere at Sakura-Con 2018

CALIGULA, a new anime by Satelight, airs tomorrow, April 8, 2018. But those of us who attended Sakura-Con had a chance to watch the pilot on March 30, alongside voice actor Sawashiro Chiharu and producer Matsuoka Takanori. This was followed up with a Q&A with Sawashiro and Matsuoka. I must preface this post by saying these events… Continue reading Caligula World Premiere at Sakura-Con 2018

First Impressions: Tada Never Falls In Love

Mitsuyoshi Tada is a high school guy who has infinitely more interest in photography than love. One day, while trying to take photos of sakura blossoms, a blonde foreigner inadvertently photobombs his view, and he ends up taking a picture for her. He runs into her several times later that same day, and finds out… Continue reading First Impressions: Tada Never Falls In Love