Princess Arete and the Magic of Creativity

Princess Arete and the Magic of Art

Every culture is unique, and all people are different. Each one of us has our own voice, our own thoughts. Some things, however, are common across all cultures, all eras, all countries. One of these is our endless, unrelenting creativity. Princess Arete is not famous for being a thrilling or well-paced movie, but the story… Continue reading Princess Arete and the Magic of Creativity

Interview with Tomo Kataoka

Hey everyone, Kaze here sneaking back onto this blog with a very special and exciting post! As some of you know, I'm a big fan of the Narcissu series and have written on the stories numerous times because of its inclusion of Christian faith in a very respectful, thoughtful, and accurate manner alongside serious, meaningful… Continue reading Interview with Tomo Kataoka

The Laws of the Flesh and the Spirit in R.O.D.

Recently, I gave the Read or Die manga a chance.  The OVA and TV series have been great favorites of mine from my first years as an anime junkie.  And so, I hoped for good things from the manga, which derived from a light novel--back when light novels had no special stigma against them.  If… Continue reading The Laws of the Flesh and the Spirit in R.O.D.

Wrestling with God and Hikigaya

hachiman falls off couch

For many, God is an impersonal concept. It doesn't help that cultural connotations made him feel old, archaic, out of touch. But for those of us who have experienced him deeply and know his dynamic love, we understand that he's personal and with us. We speak to him through prayer - we even plea with… Continue reading Wrestling with God and Hikigaya

Taiga, Ryuuji, and Messy Relationships

taiga aisaka

My wife and I are always on the lookout for series that we can watch together. Our tastes are so divergent, though, that we rarely find that magical combination (I say SHIROBAKO, she says New Game. I say Durarara, she says Fairy Tail.). So recently, I went back to Toradora, one of my favorites, and… Continue reading Taiga, Ryuuji, and Messy Relationships

Dragon Ball Super: The Fear of God

Who would believe that 33 years after the Dragon Ball manga first started, the most recent incarnation, Dragon Ball Super (DBS), is still one of the hottest anime out there. I would dare say that if you speak to anyone who is a Dragon Ball fan, they are watching this show (which means all those many people… Continue reading Dragon Ball Super: The Fear of God

God as Mangaka (or the Re:Creator)

I've been having a good 'ol time with Re:Creators. It's an eclectic mix of action and comedy and otaku stuff. For those unfamiliar, the premise is that characters from Japanese media are finding themselves sucked into the real world where they are shocked to discover that they are fictional characters. One in particular seems to… Continue reading God as Mangaka (or the Re:Creator)

ACCA: Hope Despite Uncertainty

ACCA 13-ku

Only one episode remains in ACCA. The story has come so far, and although some of the recent episodes have been weaker, there’s still a lot of potential for a satisfying conclusion. There is still one more episode to go, and if feels like we know so little. The ending looms uncertainly, but Jean has… Continue reading ACCA: Hope Despite Uncertainty

Lost in Translation: God

The issue of translating the Japanese word for "god" recently came up. What do characters really mean when they talk about god and how should we as Christians react when we see characters praying to a supposed god, or insulting God? Subtitles almost always translate the word as either "God" or "god," and Christians will… Continue reading Lost in Translation: God

Something More: A Hero’s Journey, Grace in Clannad, Anohana, and the Holy Spirit

Welcome back to Something More, your monthly round-up of spirituality and anime (among other forms of entertainment!) articles. I do my best to search the internet for posts that fit this feature here at Beneath the Tangles. If you happen to find one and believe it merits being on our list, tag us via Facebook or… Continue reading Something More: A Hero’s Journey, Grace in Clannad, Anohana, and the Holy Spirit