Easter 2017: The Hope of Resurrection

He is risen! If you go to church or are around Christians much today, you'll likely hear this phrase repeated a lot, followed by "He is risen indeed!" Again and again, we repeat to each other the good news: Jesus Christ, God in flesh, the perfect man, who died on our behalf, has risen from… Continue reading Easter 2017: The Hope of Resurrection

ACCA: The Cost of Trust

Despite what people believe about happy endings, whether they think they’re the paragon of a good series or trite and boring, they can be done well. They have come to be what we expect in all stories, even if they are poorly written. As we now arrive at the point leading to ACCA’s conclusion, it… Continue reading ACCA: The Cost of Trust

Annalyn’s Corner: Mob Psycho 100 and Being Beat up for Love

It might be silly of me to write a serious post about Mob Psycho 100. After all, nothing about this show is meant to be taken seriously, right? The main character, Mob, is overpowered, but he can't even tell that his master is a fraud. His master, Reigen, has most of the wise, moral-of-the-story lines, easily identified… Continue reading Annalyn’s Corner: Mob Psycho 100 and Being Beat up for Love

Annalyn’s Corner: Are You a “Self-Proclaimed Knight”?

I'm four episodes behind on Re:Zero, partially because I started it so late, but mostly because the main character, Subaru, is unlikeable, and I have very little motivation to keep watching. Maybe he does eventually improve. But at this point, it's really hard not to hold his actions from the first eighteen episodes against him (he wasn't too… Continue reading Annalyn’s Corner: Are You a “Self-Proclaimed Knight”?

TangleCast 20: Our Favorite Anime – Casey

This week, JP (Japesland) and Casey (CutsceneAddict) start a three-part series focused on our podcast's co-host's favorite anime. This time around, we chat about Casey's all-time favorite anime (spoilers: it's in the header image for the episode). However, while you are likely very familiar with her favorite, you're likely much less familiar with some of the reasoning behind her… Continue reading TangleCast 20: Our Favorite Anime – Casey

Annalyn’s Corner: Grimgar and Discordant People

I didn't expect to like Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash. But, as I wrote in the season reviews, it turned out to be fairly enjoyable. In fact, I found it soothing, almost like something from the slice of life genre: a perfect wind-down show for the end of a busy day. I saw it as a kind of… Continue reading Annalyn’s Corner: Grimgar and Discordant People

Holy Week: Brandon Heat as a Christ Figure

Gungrave is my all-time favorite anime, and the main character, Brandon Heat, numbers among my favorite anime characters. The first time I watched it, I was hit by his fighting ability and loyalty. But as I watched the show a few more times, I realized there is more depth to Brandon, and that he is a… Continue reading Holy Week: Brandon Heat as a Christ Figure

Holy Week: Princess Tutu as a Christ Figure

Princess Tutu is a show that’s pretty low-profile. Or rather, its somewhat childish name forces it into obscurity. It's also not normally a show people turn to when looking for biblical parallels, but hidden behind its shallow initial impression is a story that explores concepts such as free-will and sacrifice in depth. Ultimately (spoilers), the… Continue reading Holy Week: Princess Tutu as a Christ Figure

Jesus Would Probably Like Nichijou (and Yotsubato… and Azumanga Daioh…)

In the greater world, though I would say particularly within the anime community, Christians often gain a bad rap for being "prudes" (those who are unable to take the occasional sexual joke or two, though this definition often also colloquially extends to profanity and other topics deemed "unsuitable for a Christian audience"). Much of this mindset is… Continue reading Jesus Would Probably Like Nichijou (and Yotsubato… and Azumanga Daioh…)

Subverting Expectations

I recently had a conversation with a close friend of mine about what exactly it was that made my favorite stories my favorite stories. Several ideas were thrown out. Character development. Emotional attachment. Good story. You know, all the buzzwords that people throw into a review but don't really know what they mean (heh, shots fired).… Continue reading Subverting Expectations