Examining Light Novels: On Relationship

The ninth volume of Spice and Wolf takes place in Kerube and concerns some dangerous business with Craft Lawrence caught in the middle of two antagonists: Eve Bolan and Kiemen, the head of Lawrence's guild in that city.  Those of you who have read the books or watched season two of the Spice and Wolf anime know… Continue reading Examining Light Novels: On Relationship

Charlotte, Episode 8: Response

Episode eight of Charlotte was full of emotion, music, and responses. Almost every thing a character did in the episode was a response to something else. Yuu responds to Sala's rambling. Sala responds to Yuu's kindness. Charlotte responds to Yuu's phone call. Kazuki responds to Sala's voice. One after another, events transpire as a result… Continue reading Charlotte, Episode 8: Response

OreGairu 2 Episode 12: Change is Complicated

So...are we back to square one? No, but it feels a little like that, as Hiki, Yukino, and Yui face another obstacles on their path toward finding themselves in growing their relationships with one another. Episode 12 of OreGairu 2 (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO) starts out innocuous enough with everyone preparing for Valentine's… Continue reading OreGairu 2 Episode 12: Change is Complicated

Silver Spoon: The Importance of a Different Perspective

I had lunch with a friend last week, with whom I talked about how hard it is to shake loose your cultural upbringing as it relates to religion and really focus on the real message of the gospel.  I mentioned how helpful it is to hear perspectives from others whose upbringings were very different from… Continue reading Silver Spoon: The Importance of a Different Perspective

Annalyn’s Corner: Ore Monogatari!! and Sacrificial Love

I watched the first five episodes of Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) this weekend. The premise intrigued me: this shoujo anime is shown primarily from a male point of view, and he's not the typical bishounen love interest. Instead, Takeo is the bishie's big, clumsy best friend. I was immediately intrigued by this break from the mold, but… Continue reading Annalyn’s Corner: Ore Monogatari!! and Sacrificial Love

Anime Today: Experiencing Context

If you listened to our latest episode of The Tangles Podcast, you probably know that I am soon headed to the land of Japan. Actually, within 24 hours of this article going live, I will be on a plane crossing the Pacific (God willing). On a somewhat disconnected note (I promise it will make sense… Continue reading Anime Today: Experiencing Context

Annalyn’s Corner: Free to Love

In December, I watched Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth for Anime Secret Santa. I was struck by the way the main character, Yune, reaches out to those around her. She feels free to love and serve others, while her guardian, Claude, is held back by fear and social convention. Freedom and love are strong themes in Croisée, and for good… Continue reading Annalyn’s Corner: Free to Love

Your Lie in April Episode 5: Merciless

There’s no way I could ever forget, because I’m a musician, like you. One thing that anime does well, and which Hollywood does, too, is to stir these emotions within us that make us feel like humanity glitters, that people are capable of wonderful, amazing, earthshaking things, and that we just need the right spark… Continue reading Your Lie in April Episode 5: Merciless

Your Lie in April Episode 4: Kira, Kira

Let's go on a journey. After this episode, I do believe I'm as out of breath as Kaori and Kousei are. In episode four of Your Lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso), our duo takes to the stage, and as expected, have troubles.  Kousei again loses the ability to hear music as he… Continue reading Your Lie in April Episode 4: Kira, Kira

Anime Today: One Week Sinners

Wow, has the Spring 2014 anime season started off with a bang. I have already picked up 10 new shows that I plan to watch through to completion, in addition to the two I was already watching from last season (Nisekoi and Tonari no Seki-kun), and I have not been disappointed. While a number of… Continue reading Anime Today: One Week Sinners