Tweeting (and Empathizing) in the Franxx

naomi 703 darling in the franxx

Episode one of Darling in the Franxx was a whirlwind, but in the midst of all the action, fanservice, funky mechas, and mysterious storylines, I was left with one question: what about Naomi? As Hiro's original partner, Naomi is forced to leave the training facility after his failure and return "home," where she's likely to… Continue reading Tweeting (and Empathizing) in the Franxx

Letters from the Editor: Leading a Triple Life

I think every thoughtful human being on this planet experiences, at some point or another, some sort of identity crisis. We are naturally hypocritical beings, and as such it's difficult to pinpoint just who we are, and perhaps even more difficult to communicate that identity to others. Every time I compose an article (it's been… Continue reading Letters from the Editor: Leading a Triple Life

#prayforjapan…then #givetojapan

#prayforjapan Oh, the ire this hashtag has caused!  Atheists jumping on believers for praying to a god they don't believe exists when money is what is needed; Christians angrily defending their God when there are people dying from this powerful earthquake and the ensuing tsunami. Whatever we believe about God and about prayer, the fact… Continue reading #prayforjapan…then #givetojapan

Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere: The Wallflower and the Prince of Peace

One of my favorite bloggers is someone I met by happenstance on the web.  While participating in a forum thread about religion, Annalyn jumped into the conversation with her thoughtful posts about Christianity.  It wasn't until later that I discovered she was an avid blogger. Last month, she wrote a post about the anime and… Continue reading Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere: The Wallflower and the Prince of Peace

Finding the Invisible God in…Serial Experiments Lain

Twitter can be a wonderful tool.  It's great for networking, establishing relationships, and finding out about news and new ideas. It can also feed a blog. A few weeks back, Otakurean, Prede and I were tweeting, and Otakurean mentioned that the father in Serial Experiments Lain was symbolic of God.  I was confused at first… Continue reading Finding the Invisible God in…Serial Experiments Lain