Get Social, You Nerds!

For all the ills and unintended consequences of social media, there are some remarkably good things about it, too. For instance, it provides a brand new way for nerds, who aren’t always the most sociable bunch, to form community. Well, maybe that’s not fair—a lot of geeks are incredibly social, they just have an awkwardness to them or an inability to develop A+ relationships in real life. Social media helps a lot of us by providing platforms that give us voice when we perhaps lack it in real life.

Not to pigeonhole anyone, there are those who are both nerdy and strong conversationalists / relationship builders. The super nerds. And hey, social media can be great for them, too.

All that is to say…we want you, the nerds, geeks, otaku, and casuals alike to come join our social media communities. Our platforms give us the opportunity to network with you in different ways, some which might be easier or more pleasurable for you than others. Check us out on these channels:

We’d love for you to be a part of our family outside the blog, so please follow us on any of the platforms above. Come be social with us, you nerds—I promise, it won’t hurt!


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