Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere: Nerd Religions

One blog that I’ve followed religiously in recent years is Topless Robot, run by Rob Bricken.  Timely and often hilarious, Bricken’s site discusses all forms of nerdery, including anime on occasion, as Bricken was editor of Anime Insider magazine and wrote for Anime News Network for a time.  Religion is only very occasionally discussed, though never deeply. 

Today, James Daniels posted an entry on the site about the world’s nerdiest religions. Take a read – it’s interesting and maybe informative.  I only knew about three (the Jedi religion, which caused a hubaloob during the last Census; the religion for Gadget from Chip n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers, which may have suaded me if I wasn’t a believer; and the FSM religion, which often becomes the focus when one wants to mock those who believe in Intelligent Design).  Take a look!

Topless Robot – The World’s 8 Nerdiest Religions

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