The Third Day of Christmas Anime

Episode 10: “White Love”Vandread Christmas

The Christmas Story

The women of the crew are busy decorating and preparing a meal for Christmas, while the men, unaware of the holiday, wonder what it’s all about.  A video from days gone by is found; it shows, to everyone’s surprise, a family with a husband, wife, daughter and baby.  Meanwhile, the


is tracking a comet.  What will this comet have to do with the crew’s celebration?

Christmas Gifts

Even spaceships can look holidays-ish, as demonstrated by a gigantic tree, decorations, food, presents, the cap dressed as Santa, and the mention of reindeer and sleigh.  Two more unique elements (in Christmas anime, at least) are the Hallelujah Chorus and a Christmas parade.

The true meaning of Christmas is…
Having fun celebrating a “dumb festival” (according to Hikibi) involving romantic love.  Funny…even in a futuristic universe, aliens celebrate Christmas similarly to the Japanese.  Oh, and it’s not Christmas without snow sculptures (it would just be “too sad”).  Despite seemingly throwing every Christmas symbol in the book at the audience, the episode works well.  I’ve never seen Vandread, though it’s been on my list of shows to watch, and if this episode is any indication of the series, I remained interested.  Oh, and the best part: Pyoro 2.  Hillarious!

On the third day of Christmas, anime gave to me:
a Christmas tree comet,
Paper Sisters birthday,
and Sakura knitting a nerdy dollie.

Tomorrow’s Forecast
Brrr, it’ll be cold.  Maybe Santa can keep you warm…

10 thoughts on “The Third Day of Christmas Anime

  1. Surprised to see a “serious” Christian like you support and celebrate the pagan festival that is Christmas.

    Bit disappointed really.

    1. Oh my goodness…you’re right! Thank you for setting me straight. I’m gonna go burn some books and persecute some pagans, right after I throw away my anime collection.

    1. I’ve only seen this episode, but you know, it reminds me of a number of those not-too-serious, fun, entertaining shows of the 90s. I’ve always thought I’d like it.

      1. Yes, Vandred is truly one of those not-too-serious, fun, entertaining shows of the 90’s. Kinda like Outlaw Star: pure guiltless, fun! Moetards, oldfags and other anime hardliners please take note.

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