Stay Tuned…

Months into this blogging thing, and I’m still making big mistakes.

This morning, I posted the first post about the aniblogging and religion survey many of you took a while back.  Neither my breakdown of the survey nor that particular post was complete.  Several weeks back, I scheduled it to go up today, and forgot to change the date.


I hate letting the cat out of the bag.  I hope some of you found it interesting, but the statistics are not accurate and, like I mentioned, the post isn’t complete.  So, I hope you’ll otherwise ignore it and come back and read the results and conclusions when I write them up in the upcoming weeks.

9 thoughts on “Stay Tuned…

  1. I used to make that mistake all the time on my blog! Luckily I only have 25 readers who use the RSS feed so it wasn’t huge. But looking forward to seeing this — and I’m making another infographic for you tonight that I KNOW you’ll love!

  2. no wonder it disappeared when i tried to reload the page! 😛 how were the statistics inaccurate, i wonder..hrm..

    1. They were inaccurate because I made them all up!! 😛

      Just kidding – they were simply incomplete. A few more surveys skitted in after I wrote up that post. 🙂

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