Boyz II Men Cover Utada Hikaru’s “First Love”

Although off topic for my blog, I couldn’t resist writing about this story.  Japanator reported in December that Boyz II Men would be releasing a J-Pop CD.  Entitled COVERED – Winter-, it released on December 22, and featured covered of artists like EXILE and…Utada Hikaru!  That’s right – the three member group (if I remember correctly, their bass voice left the group due to personal and health issues) covered “First Love.”

Boys II Men J-Pop cover album
Image from Amazon Japan

Really?!  Boyz II Men covering Utada Hikaru??  Have I died and gone to Heaven?


What I also didn’t realize was that this was Boyz II Men’s second J-Pop cover CD.  They released their first, Winter/Reflections, in 2005.

I’m loving the Utada cover, though as Linda of Animemiz, from whom I heard about all this, tweeted, it’s a bit strange.  Still, to me, it’s an unexpected collision of two favorites – the super-talented supergroup from my childhood (I’m still listening to “Four Seasons of Loneliness” constantly on my iTunes and “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” was our senior year song) and my favorite J-Pop artist (boo on the retirement, er, hiatus).

Check out the version below – what do you think of it?

Sources: Japanator, Utada Net, Toyko Hive


11 thoughts on “Boyz II Men Cover Utada Hikaru’s “First Love”

  1. I want to say I like it, because I like Boyz II Men. But…I cannot bring myself to say that. It would be a lie. I think I’m just too attached to the original song. But I tried. I really did.

  2. I am attached to the original song as well. But I like how they covered Utada’s song. They didn’t cover it just for the sake of “just” covering, but made the song as if it was their own. I think it’s a fantastic rendition.

  3. It’s awesome that they sung on of her songs, but Utada is always gonna be the best at her own song. They still did wonderful, I’ve always loved them…they always bring me to tears! <3

      1. Agreed – Utada’s version reigns supreme, but hearing Boyz II Men cover it is still very cool. I’ve been re-listening to a lot of their music lately.

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