Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere: Buddhism in Anime

With such a large percentage of the Japanese population identifying themselves as Buddhist, it’s not surprise to find Buddhist terminology, themes, and religious practices in anime and manga.  These ideas sometimes go over our heads, even for those of us who have basic knowledge of the religion.  But if we learn a little bit about the religion, perhaps we can enjoy these series better, understand the importance of series in which Buddhism plays an important role, and understand others better.

Jonathan Tappan of Funblog wrote an awesome post about Buddhism and anime this week.  He discusses some of the basics of Buddhism, particularly focusing on those aspects we’ll find in our favorite entertainment medium.  Among the series he mentions are InuYasha, Bleach, Air, and Kamichu! 

Do yourself a favor and read up on Buddism in anime:

FunBlog » Blog Archive » More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Buddhism and Anime.

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