Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere: The Wallflower and the Prince of Peace

One of my favorite bloggers is someone I met by happenstance on the web.  While participating in a forum thread about religion, Annalyn jumped into the conversation with her thoughtful posts about Christianity.  It wasn’t until later that I discovered she was an avid blogger.

Last month, she wrote a post about the anime and manga for The Wallflower.  She makes an interesting comparison between the male leads and Jesus Christ (right up the alley for my blog, certainly).  Her personal experiences illuminate the post.  Read it here:

Annalyn’s Thoughts: Reflection on The Wallflower

Annalyn’s blog is full of great commentary on anime and manga, including a recent series called Anime 101.  She also includes other semi-related bits of commentary, including a post discussing aniblogging.  I think you’ll enjoy her honesty, warmth, and knowledge.  She’s also new to the world of Twitter, so feel free to tweet her!

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