Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere: Catching Pretty Cure at the Temple

One the most interesting things about religion in Japan is how seemingly contradictory cultural expressions can find their way into religious institutions.  In the past, I’ve mentioned the veneration of Thomas Edison in the country and the temple that is using an anime character as their mascot.  Now, add another interesting combination to the mix, as Mikikazu Komatsu of Crunchyroll writes about a Pretty Cure live show being put on at Bukkoji Buddhist temple, along with other anime-related events as part of the institution’s anniversary celebration and to raise money for earthquake relief.

Pretty cool.

Check out Komatsu’s post for more information:

Pretty Cure Show at Racecourses and Buddhist Temple

2 thoughts on “Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere: Catching Pretty Cure at the Temple

  1. why didnt precure appear when i was in Kyoto 2 years back? =P but seriously though i really like how they are using anime/manga/tv shows characters to drive messages to the public.

    it feels less intrusive to have anime characters telling you to donate rather than this bloke or babe appearing on tv asking you to donate.

    I also the fact that many japanese places have cute mascots ^^

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