Life Changes

I really don’t like talking about my blog on my blog, but I feel this post is a necessary evil.

I’ve had two main changes in my life the last couple of weeks (in fact, they happened within a day of each other).  First, I moved to a new job.  My new position requires a whole lot more work as I’ll be coordinating a program which I really believe in – in generalities, it emphasizes the need to educate individuals about genocide.  I’m really excited about fulfilling this mission.

Secondly, we adopted a stray.  Of course, we’re now going through growing pains.

Anyway, this all means that at least for the short terms, I may be posting less frequently.  Typically, I aim for three posts per week.  That won’t be possible in the near future.  It could be far less or just a bit less – we’ll have to see.

I still am passionate about writing for this blog and haven’t nearly run out of ideas for posts, so this shouldn’t be the beginning of an end.  It’s merely a valley.  So please, if you’re a regular or semi-regular reader, keep reading.  And if you’re new to the site, expect more to come.